6 of the best Landing Pages

The importance of a landing page

Landing pages are a key marketing tactic that helps to drive conversions through carefully planned focuses on a page. A landing page should always have multiple clear calls to action that push a user towards the desired conversion. Read on for more tips on what makes a successful landing page.

6 Landing pages done right below:

Air B&B

Airbnb has created a clever landing page; not only does it engage users personally, but also, persuades them of the advantages they’ll gain if they sign up. There is a clear call to action at the top of the page, 'try hosting,' which users can convert in one click. But, below the fold, there is the option to price up potential earnings based on location and home size- this would help to persuade users to convert. The page also removes resistance from fear because there is the option to contact a 'super host' which adds credibility to this page.   


The slack scrolling style keeps contact points and calls to action in the users' view while also including the word 'free' to entice users to get in touch.
The page employs features such as bright colours and imagery that are relevant to each section to keep users interested. Additionally, trust compelling features are linked below the fold images of successful companies that use this platform, such as Sky and Uber, which further persuades users to convert through social proof. See more here.  


Wix includes a large bold text call to action, making it clear to the user what direction to take and what they will receive. It is important to note that when creating a landing page, generating a conversion is more important than the look of the design – something Wix facilitates with the large bold text. Below the fold, a user can see beautifully designed Wix products as well as side notes highlighting the success of the new web page's '212k increase in sales'- helping to persuade users what they could have if they sign up.

There are multiple calls to action throughout the page, with an option for a user to click closer to converting after each section. This is also a long landing page that continues to provide more information and reasons to sign up as the user scrolls, by the end of the page, the user has no reason not to sign up.  Check it out here.  

Pull and Bear 

This clothing company makes good use of their landing page from the moment a user clicks on it. When a user lands, they click to shop 'women' or 'men,' which provides cookie data for Pull and Bear to create a more personalised experience, and the user has immediately engaged with the page.

The second landing page includes a large discount in the header as well as 10% off app orders further down the page- this entices the user because they have already been gifted after one click- pull and bear are effectively pushing the user in the desired direction through this tactic.  


This company uses imagery to speak for its branding, the landing page demonstrates through an image the benefit of using this brand – the waterproof product in high definition- this would appeal to a user who would search this type of product. 

Furthermore, the header contains a clear deal and call to action, which entices the user even with minimal text.


The Shopify landing page above the fold is very minimal with the focus being on the call to action, the conversion is kept simple for the user, only having to enter an email address to make it simple and removes resistance from a user refusing to enter a lot of details. 

Shopify also highlights ‘trusted by millions of businesses’ to provide trust and credibility with a new user. A scrolling animation is added to the computer image- showing users a preview of their experience, video is key on landing pages as by bringing the software and brand to life users feel more comfortable signing up.

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