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Email is the best tool we all have to communicate with our subscribers.

With that in mind you will love ZYM’s versatile Email Builder, with templates for every occasion, or design your own beautiful templates and store them in ZYM.


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Automated Marketing Emails

When you are busy running a business, you do not have lots of time to spare and marketing can sometimes get pushed down the priority list. With automated emails you can save time and create effective campaigns that generate more business leads.

Research shows that email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing channels and marketers who use segmented campaigns have benefitted from up to a 760% increase in revenue. Even though email marketing has been around for a long time, it is still a very trusted and effective way to communicate to customers and to generate more sales.

Email Automation

If you plan, write, design and schedule your emails in advance, you do not have to worry about making time every few days to create new content and risk losing focus on other work.

You can set up simple newsletters to go out each month, so that you keep up the timely contact with the people on your email list.

Utilise targeted emails

You will see greater success if your emails are targeted rather than applying a ‘one size fits all’ approach. By segmenting your mailing list, you can send emails that are more specific to the types of products the recipients are interested in.

Boost retention with offers and updates

Retaining existing customers is just as important as trying to generate new leads, so make sure that you regularly communicate with your customer base and provide informative updates or advise them of offers that they may be interested in.

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My business had tried many different ways to unearth new customers with limited success. Using Zym’s Find tools has been a game changer. We have been able to prospect more of our ideal customers and build a steady pipeline for a low fee. Zym’s support team were exceptional at helping us understand and use the tools to make sure we really felt the benefit.

Shaun Groves, CEO, SGV Technologies, Jan 2021

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