Better Marketing for Telecommunications Businesses

With all the changes that the Telecoms Industry has experienced over the years and with the potential to have high volumes of customers, how does your marketing tools and CRM handle all the data?

ZYM has unlimited contacts on it’s CRM, perfect for high volume email sends.

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You are the expert in your industry with high technical knowledge and understanding, which you have learned to communicate across to your customers with ease.

Now that you have cracked your marketing messaging, how do you get new data and power up your communications volumes?  ZYM has unlimited contacts in the CRM and with the power of automation you can really scale things up with ZYM.

Zym helps you do marketing. Just better.

The Zym Platform

Our platform gives you access to one of the most complete marketing systems available today. With a continually expanding selection of innovative tools, you are able to take full control of every aspect of your digital marketing from one central dashboard. Say hello to better.

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The Zym Academy

The Zym Academy backs up your business by giving you access to FREE digital marketing courses and live masterclasses to help you create engaging and successful campaigns. Our Zym support team is here to help you get the most from the platform and give you the support your business needs.

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The Zym Framework

Our FRECO framework, created in partnership with renowned marketing expert PR Smith, has been designed to help you plan, manage and improve your marketing results using proven methodology and techniques.

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A comprehensive marketing platform ready when you need it

Support and education available when you want it

A framework to strengthen you as you build it