Marketing Trends for 2022

If you are doing your 2022 business planning to ensure that you are on track for a successful year, your marketing strategy will probably be one of your top priorities. If you do not have the luxury of a marketing team, making time to plan and deliver an effective marketing strategy can be a challenge. However, you can get a head start by knowing which channels and trends will drive the best results in 2022:

Increased focus on shorter video 

While long-form videos will still be effective, more marketers will be focusing on shorter videos on TikToks and Reels. A study revealed that around 90% of global marketers are planning to continue their investment in short video or increase it.

Mobile optimisation to become more important 

For many years, as mobile usage has increased and more people are accessing the internet via their phones rather than PCs, mobile optimisation has been growing in importance. Websites that are not mobile optimised are not accessible to the majority of people searching for businesses. Mobile web design will be even more important in 2022, as even more people will be using mobiles to access the internet than ever before.

Personalised and conversational marketing will increase

More marketers will be using AI and data insights to create more personalised marketing messages. Another trend that we are starting to see more of is using conversational language, to make customer interactions more human and less formal.

Businesses to prioritise social and eco responsibility

More businesses will be showing their support for social and eco causes and campaigns, demonstrating social responsibility and ethics because these topics are important to their target audiences.

More audio content created

Audio chatrooms are becoming more popular for marketing, where brands can invite people to listen to a speaker and podcasts also remain effective for many companies. Marketers will be investing more in creating audio content in 2022.

More engagement with VR experiences

While VR has been a revelation for the gaming community, we have not quite seen the full potential of VR across marketing, but this will start to change in 2022, with more businesses looking to explore how they can use VR to drive more sales.

Influencer marketing to increase

While brands with bigger marketing budgets have been commonly using celebrity influencers to advertise their products, more businesses will be looking at using micro-influencers. These are social media accounts with a smaller following than the more popular influencers, ones who have built a higher level of engagement with their smaller, yet significant number of followers.

Customer experience will be a top priority

More businesses will prioritise delivering an excellent level of customer experience by making sure they provide a convenient, hassle-free and friendly service at all touchpoints of the customer journey. Consumer expectations around the customer experience have grown and businesses need to meet and exceed those expectations in 2022.

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