We have exciting news for UK SME’s

News Alert!!!

We have some exciting news today at ZYM; we are delighted to announce that we are one of the government approved vendors on the Help To Grow: Digital programme. Rishi Sunak introduces Help to Grow: Digital in the video below

What does it mean for UK Small Business?

If you are a small business with between 1-249 employees based in the UK, you could be eligible to get a voucher worth 50% of costs of ZYM software up to a value of £5,000 for one year. Help to Grow: Digital is designed to give UK small Businesses a post pandemic boost by offering funded access to digital technology.  The scheme offers businesses a 50% discount on selected approved digital technology for a period of 12 months and is funded to a maximum of £5,000 per business. Help to Grow: Digital is part of a wider scheme of funding, which includes Help to Grow: Management.

What help can small businesses get under the Help to Grow: Digital scheme?

There are 3 different  types of digital technology available to small businesses under the scheme and the focus is to help small businesses adopt digital technology to help grow their business.  The 3 types of digital technology are:
  • Customer and relationship building software
  • Online selling software
  • Accounts and finances management Software
The support is available as a voucher and  is worth up to £5000 worth of digital technology costs and this amount will cover 50% of the technology costs selected in year 1.  Find out more about it here. Help to Grow also offers an online advisory service around which software to choose and which would suit your business needs best. This is great news for smaller businesses, who may face cost barriers to accessing the types of software above and will open up opportunities for them in terms of giving them access to digital technology they would not have considered before.

More about eligibility

Who can apply? Small businesses that have:
  • between 5-249 employees
  • registered at Companies House
  • been established for 12  months or more
  • have not used the vendors software in the past (i.e. be a previous customer)

About ZYM – what is ZYM?

ZYM is a CRM, Marketing and Sales Pipeline software. ZYM’s commitment to you is to help you do your marketing better, we strive to do this in 3 ways: 1) ZYM Platform to help you do marketing better (14 day free trial – try before you buy) 2) Live Classes to help you gain best practice on ZYM and in marketing 3) A Digital Marketing Framework – will give you the methodology you need to do marketing better Find out more about ZYM here.

How can businesses apply?

You can check eligibility for the Help to Grow: Digital voucher here. You can apply directly from the ZYM website here. Approved businesses will get a discount voucher once they are deemed as eligible, from the Help to Grow website and apply the voucher on the government approved vendors website when they choose the software they want to use.  The 50% discount means the business has to pay 50% of the technology costs and the government will pay the remainder.

Final thoughts

The scheme is a great opportunity for small businesses to access digital technology and management training and qualifications and to implement plans to grow and scale their business using the training and technology that may have been out of their reach previously. It is easy to check eligibility, click here to access Help to Grow: Digital scheme. Finally, Help to Grow gives small businesses a unique opportunity to grow using new digital technology, with the voucher making the technology more affordable to adopt.  This is great news for businesses as they do their Quarter 1 marketing budgets, they can now consider adding a new technology to their marketing tools, with massive savings. Take a free 14 day trial here. Want to find out more about how Zym works? Click here to view the video tour.